eLU’s major research and development interests are in Scenario-Based Learning (SBL) in Medical Education. Our research projects have been focused on the transformation of medical curricula using interactive SBL and the use of authentic interactive scenarios for the acquisition of knowledge, assessment, practice of decision-making and training against medical error.

In 2011, eLU spearheaded a programme for medical curriculum development across Eurasia and South East Asia, linking this to established educational institutions across Western Europe and supported by key stakeholders in Canada and America. The intention was to use a range of different project-funding vehicles, mainly from European Commission (EC) programmes, to generate a ‘cloud’ of projects in medical education related to Scenario-Based Learning and Virtual Patients. In this way, the stop-start progress commonly resulting from single, discrete projects would be avoided, and (if grant bids were successful), multiple projects with overlapping partnerships would sustain a continuing wider community indefinitely.



These projects were to be held together by a capstone project (the WAVES network; Widening Access to Virtual Educational Scenarios). Most of the funding bids were successful, and to date the EC has provided €4.75M euros through its various Erasmus+ project funding programmes.