Interactive Clinical Images

About it

Interactive Clinical Images (ICIs) are resources designed to assist learners in developing their interpretation skills of clinical images. ICIs allow learners to digitally mark-up and annotate clinical images, such as ECGs, X-rays, CT Scans etc, and then compare their annotation to that of the expert. By comparing their annotations with the expert, learners are able to assess their own performance and receive instant feedback on their performance.



  • ICI entirely uses web technologies (Javascript, JQuery, HTML5); no browser plugins are required to run the tool.
  • ICI runs in all modern browsers supporting HTML5 Canvas.

Using ICIs:

ICIs can be embedded into existing learning platforms, such as Virtual Learning Environments or Learning Management Systems, Virtual Patients and other websites. In many instances, tutors choose to accompany ICIs with supplementary material provided by the delivery platform of choice, such as multiple-choice questions in a Virtual Learning Environment.

The following resources are needed to create an ICI:

  • A digital image, with expert annotations created by a subject matter expert using any standard image editing software.
  • A “clean” unannotated version of the image.
  • Small code to automatically generate the ICI on desired location