orientation_buttonThe orientation maze on St George’s University Island was built up to help students and staff whom were new to Second Life. The orientation maze teaches basic functions such as moving, flying, touching, streaming media, and introducing you to your inventory.

Click the button or here to teleport to the Orientation Maze.

The orientation maze was developed in spring 2008, and from user feedback we have improved it. In the beginning the orientation was very open and allowed avatars to be move around freely, however after observing students in this open space it was decided to enclose the maze making it compulsory for participants to learn to control their avatars and camera views. The orientation maze on St Georges University island is very basic and easy to follow, we have had other organisations use it to get their own students or participants as they found it easier than the official Second Life orientation.

Orientation Maze Second Life

Image of the open orientation maze being used for the first time by paramedic students from St George’s University.

Orientation Maze Second Life

Image of the developed orientation maze from inside.