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for previewOutcomes:

By the end of the funding period the team had:

  1. Developed and tested 8 avatar driven scenarios for use in Second Life.
  2. Collated and implemented user feedback on the tools.
  3. Developed further scenarios ready for testing.
  4. Collated evaluation data and the final report.
  5. Made recommendations to the JISC.

As part of the PREVIEW project a virtual learning authoring system for virtual worlds was developed: PIVOTE.


The PREVIEW project has demonstrated that the Second Life environment can provide an engaging, interactive environment for the delivery of learning scenarios. Technology such as chatbots and Machinima were found to enrich the experience. The pedagogical design of the avatar-driven scenarios have proved to be effective in providing opportunities for developing clinical reasoning and including intrinsic feedback.

The dissemination strategy generated a large amount of interest, with 17 presentations/workshops/stalls/keynotes having taken place within 2008, and four expressions of interest to use or adapt the work of the project. The national workshop organised as part of the benefits realisation programme attracted over 60 attendees.