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1) Where are my cases saved?

The cases are saved under the ‘Author Cases’ section. They will remain there unless deleted. Published cases will be saved in your ‘Author Cases’ section where they can still be authored and in the cloud for others to submit review notes. The cases downloaded for review will be saved in the Review Cases section. Cases that are not published will remain on the tablet.

2) How do I download a case using the app?

To download cases, login to your account and go to ‘Review Cases’ located on the bottom menu. Tap on the ‘Retrieve Cases’ button at the top right of the screen, then select the case you want to view from the list provided. Once selected, tap on the ‘Download’ button to download the case. Once the case is downloaded, the case will be added to the ‘Review Cases’ collection.

3) How do I play a case?

To play a case, select a case of your choice from the ‘Author Cases’ or ‘Review Cases’ areas. Read through all the virtual case information when you are prompted and select an option so that you can proceed through the case. At times, you could be presented with having more than one option instead of having just one. Be sure to continue to select options until you reach the end of the pathway for that case.

4) How does the scoring work?

The scoring for each case is based on the path that the user has selected or choices selected in questions within the scenarios. The total score would be the sum of all the weighted scores on the path that the user has chosen. It is important to note that the designer may not have included scoring on all of the cases.

When adding a link between nodes or creating a radio/check-box option the author can include a score value from 1 to 100. These scores are not visible to the player until they reach the end of the case.

5) Why can’t I publish my cases?

If you have reached the limit of publishing free cases, in order to publish more cases, you must purchase a publishing license. There are three publishing licenses available:

  • 1 License For Publishing: publish one case for £9.99
  • 10 Licenses For Publishing: publish 10 cases for £99.99

6) Do I need 3G or Wi-Fi to author cases/ scenarios?

To author or play a case that has been downloaded or created by you, you will not need 3G or Wi-Fi. However, you will need either 3G or Wi-Fi to download or publish the cases.

7) Can I use the app when traveling underground?

Yes, you can use the app to play and author cases that you have previously downloaded or created but you are unable to download or publish cases when there is no network connection.

8) What do I need an account for?

You will need an account to publish your completed cases and also to publish them for review.

9) How do I change my password?

To change your password, tap on the Settings icon which is located at the bottom of the screen then click User Details found under the Account section. Once you have selected this, tap on the Password field and type in your desired password. By leaving this section blank, the existing password will remain the same.

10) What is a node?

A node represents a page in the scenario which is represented in the map as a rounded square.

11) What are links?

Links are the arrows on the map which join the nodes together. The arrow direction shows the pathway between nodes. Links have their own labels which appear as options in the scenario to move onto the next linking node.

12) What is a case map?

A case map is a virtual representation of the scenario showing all nodes and links between the nodes.

13) How do I submit my case for review?

In order for you to submit a review, you need to be logged into your account to publish the case for review. In author cases, click on the Publish button on the case you wish to publish for review and select Publish for reviewing. At this point, you have the option to password protect your case restricting only people with your password to review or play your scenario.

14) How can I submit my review notes?

To submit your review notes, open a downloaded case in the Review Cases section then play the case. Use the stick note button to drop and drag the note on the page and add your notes to it. You can drag multiple notes on a page. Once the review is complete, you can submit the notes to the author.

15) How do I publish my cases for users?

To publish your cases, go to the Author Cases section and tap the publish button on your desired case. Again you can password protect your case restricting only people with your password to review or play your scenario.

16) Who do I contact if I have trouble with my account?

If you have any queries, don’t hesitate to contact us: elu@sgul.ac.uk

17) Can I sign in on another iPad to access my cases?

If you have published your cases, you will be able to log into another iPad and view these cases. However, if you have not published the cases, you will not be able to view the cases when signed into another iPad.