Generation 4 (G4)

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About the Project

G4St George’ss, University of London delivers a Problem-Based Learning (PBL) curriculum for its undergraduate medicine course. Generation 4 (G4) is a project co-funded by the JISC to use new technologies to assist in the creation of more interactive model for curriculum delivery in medicine. To provide students with additional decision-making opportunities, the e-Learning Unit created interactive Virtual Patients (VPs) in which students could

  • consider options
  • take clinical decisions and
  • explore the consequences of those decisions.

Core of the programme: replacement of the paper-based, linear patient cases currently used in PBL, with interactive VPs. These provide students with the opportunity to make realistic decisions, and explore the consequences of their actions.

g4JISCProject duration:

November 2008: Project start with the establishment of the steering and project teams.

September 2009: First case was delivered.

July 2010: Last case was delivered.

The project is now fully embedded into the curriculum.