G4 – Virtual Worlds

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The G4 project aimed at replacing the typical paper-based linear patient cases with interactive branched Virtual Patients online. One of these cases was transformed into a Virtual Worlds case.

The medical scenario was based on a patient presenting to a general practitioner:

  • feeling unwell,
  • with increasing tiredness,
  • nausea and the need to urinate frequently at night.

She is then referred to a physician in the neurology department in a hospital where further tests and examinations are carried out.

for G4

The students play the role of the GP and the physician in the hospital with a goal to carry out a realistic history taking from the patient, examination of the body and carrying out a number of investigations such as blood tests, ECG, x-rays etc. Students who play the scenario are only able to move on in the scenario if they have carried out all the essential investigations and examinations in the first setting (GP surgery) of the scenario. Students have the opportunity to see real dip stick results, the view from within an Otoscope, and even sounds of breathing and the heart.

More information about Virtual Worlds here.