Aims & Objectives

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The overall aim of the REViP project is two-fold:

  1. To repurpose six Virtual Patients (VPs) from the University of Heidelberg (HD) in Germany to UK language, culture, and pedagogy and subsequently share with the wider community.
  2. To embed the repurposed VPs within an appropriately accredited St George’s module and subsequently evaluate the impact of the resources.

The main objectives of the REViP project are to:

  1. Repurpose Virtual Patients (VPs) produced in the Department of Paediatrics at Heidelberg University for use in St George’s, University of London.
  2. Content enrich the VPs with high quality existing learning materials.
  3. Embed the VPs in the paediatrics attachment of the MBBS undergraduate medical degree.
  4. Provide easy access to these VPs for UK national use by integrating them into a national repository or local referatory, in such a way that they can be further customised to local needs.
  5. Evaluate the impact of the VPs on students carrying out the paediatric clinical attachments.
  6. Evaluate the process of repurposing VPs across different European institutions.
  7. Deliver a case study focussing on one of the six VPs.
  8. Disseminate the evaluation results and feedback to the wider community
  9. Disseminate the basic principles of using and adapting virtual patients in general, particularly for competency based courses.
  10. Provide guidance on best practice for the reuse of such scarce resources, and encourage higher education institutions to reuse content more frequently.
  11. Create a project website and update a reflective log using a project blog.