Workshops – Programme

Curriculum Transformation Workshop (December 2011)

Day 1

  • Registration, refreshments
  • Welcome and introductions
  • Introduction to e-scenario-based learning, types of scenarios, how they are used, and the value of decision-making
  • Examples of scenarios in practice: Virtual Patients (VPs), the trial of VPs in problem-based learning (PBL), and the Generation 4 project, video-based VPs
  • Illustrations of some web-based authoring systems
  • How do you construct them? Demonstration of scenario creation


  • Brief recap: what can interactive scenarios do for the teacher, the student and the curriculum?
  • Discussion with participants on how the creation process works
  • Basic guidelines and highlighting key features: what works, what doesn’t & the rules of VP authoring
  • Participants play example VPs
  • Split into groups & planning of case and creation of first few nodes
  • Feedback

Day 2 Virtual Patient Workshop Curriculum Transformation

  • Overview of day one
  • Rules of VP authoring in more detail
  • Different types of VPs & lecture, PBL, assessment VPs
  • Continue creation of VPs in groups


  • Review VPs, and carry out a ‘show and tell’ group by groups
  • Modify VPs based on review and comments
  • Finalise VPs
  • Where next, and how to access the created VPs in the future
  • Demonstration of VPs in Second Life
  • Feedback, discussion and close